Joakim Skare

Joakim Skare is a Graduate from the University of Manchester and National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in International Management. Joakim, has been involved with EC-Play from the beginning, but started full-time in June 2018 and has slowly grown into the CEO role since then. Plays mostly guitar, but has a decent understanding of ukulele, bass and piano as well.


Ane Mari Aakernes

Marketing Director, Producer

Jostein Skare

Founder, Business developer

Jostein Skare is a serial entrepreneur and founder of EC-Play. He has many years of experience as professional board member, business manager and business developer, and with a solid experience in international trading of musical instruments. For the past 10 years the focus has been on music education in primary and lower secondary school, and in connection with this he has developed EC-Play.

Master of Business Administration with specialisation in finance, accounting and internationalisation from the University of Karlstad.

Kristoffer Skare

Kristoffer is a highly technical individual and studies Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU. He is a self taught programmer who never backs down from a challenge. He is very detail oriented and thorough. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the company, participating in strategic decisions in regard to the technical future of the company.

Kristoffer is also very musically talented and plays multiple instruments.

Kristoffer now runs a team of four other programmers in the Innovation Norway project "Music EdTech 2020".

Daniel Skare 
Music production

Daniel is only 17 years old, but he is very musically talented. He is responsible for creating music content for the Classband application, and adding already created popular songs to the app.

Tor Anunn Johansen 
Video production and Animation

Tor Anunn is one of the minds behind the well known "Pudding TV" YouTube channel, which has produced funny animated versions of traditional Norwegian folklore. 

Tor Anunn is very competent within the fields of animation, video production and editing. He also has some competency within programming.

Ola Heining
PR and Communications

Diverse experience in photojournalism, advertising copy writing, promotion, PR and marketing;specializing in creating web content, content management and web development. Updated on socialmedia and trends on the internet.

PR and marketing; specializing in creating web content, diverse experience in photojournalism, content management and web development. Advertising and copywriting and promotion for Mack-øl, World EXPO´92 for Foreign Ministry with marketing communication fasilitating sponsors like Norsk Skog, Hydro, Kværner, Eksportfinans, ABB, Dyno, Eksportfinans.

Evie Khoo 
Sales and Marketing - South East Asia

Sales & Marketing Professional with expertise in B2B. 

Multicultural background and experience in Asia Pacific and Europe, as well as global projects in multiple continents. 

Leading the full spectrum of Marketing, Events & Products Launch and Brand Building projects for major brands in B2B.

Development and implementation of Sales, Marketing & Communication Plans, and Strategies. 

Focus on delivering results based on industry and customer insights, and business analysis. Delivering the best customer experience in a cost-optimized manner. 

Irena obtained BSc in Law and MBA. She is an energetic woman, placing high value on integrity and innovation with sales experience in different fields such as real estate, finance, HR, tourism. At age 24 she was running  a successful HR company. Her past experiences have proven that she is able to establish, cultivate and maintain excellent relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues. Music is in her soul and that's why she is so excited to bring EC-Play to the Baltic market.

Irena Kirakosyan

Sales and Marketing - Baltics