Jostein Skare is a serial entrepreneur and founder of EC-Play. He has many years of experience as professional board member, business manager and business developer, and with a solid experience in international trading of musical instruments. For the past 10 years the focus has been on music education in primary and lower secondary school, and in connection with this he has developed EC-Play.

Master of Business Administration with specialisation in finance, accounting and internationalisation from the University of Karlstad.

Jostein Skare

Joakim Skare
Board member


Joakim Skare is a Graduate from the University of Manchester and National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in International Management. Joakim has been involved with EC-Play from the beginning, but started full-time in June 2018 and has slowly grown into the CEO role since then. Plays mostly guitar, but has a decent understanding of ukulele, bass and piano as well.


Jørund Henning Rytman

Board member

"Public Affairs Director" for SME Norway. 

Parliamentary representative from 2005-2017 in the "Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs" for 8 years, the "Standing Committee on Business and Trade" for 2.5 years, and the "Standing Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs" for 1.5 years.

Founder and Board Member of "Gründerforeningen" association with a strong passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jørund has a large national and international network both in politics and in business.

Nikolai Wilhelm Bentzen

Board member

Analyst & Portfolio Manager

Nicolai studied at Handelshøyskolen BI in Oslo and work as a fund manager.

He is good with numbers and can help the management at EC-Play with budgets and financial planning.

Nicolai also helps the management to make presentations for future investors at the company.

Thorbjorn Liell

Board member

Chairman and Partner at Travel LoVe.

Thorbjørn has acquired extensive experience in delivering key business solutions within leading and complex ICT projects and business activities, utilising strategic planning, leadership and management expertise. A board level individual with a wealth of multi-industry exposure who thrives in maximising efficiency and driving performance. An experienced leader, who can successfully develop, support and mentor a team of employees to ensure the achievement of all objectives.

Marius Fredriksen

Board member

Marius is a serial entrepreneur, actor and former Executive VP of JCI Norway. He has experience in sales, business and webdesign. Marius also has a vast network from his time at JCI.

Per Arne Bertheussen

Board member

Musician, composer with success first and foremost abroad. Through many years in the music industry, he has built up a large international network, but he also has long and good experience from purchasing and selling musical instruments from the music and grocery chains. Today he works for Gitarhuset as a store manager in Oslo.